Get Backup as a Wedding Photographer

Backup camera

photography tipsNo matter what people may say, making sure that there is always a backup camera brought along during the wedding photography shoot is a cardinal rule and principle that you should abide with all of the time as a wedding photographer. There are about a million things that can happen during a wedding photography shoot. It will not be possible for you to go ahead and pre-empt everything no matter how hard you try to go ahead and do so. Having a backup camera somewhere in the background will make sure that you will always have something that will more or less get to cover your back no matter what happens and no matter how things may turn out while you are covering the wedding as the official wedding photographer.

There have been a lot of horrible experiences from other wedding photographers in the past wherein their equipment bailed out on them while they were in the middle of a wedding photography shoot. Although you can’t exactly expect to control how your camera will behave, what you can control is having reserves so that you will always have something to catch you and save you as a wedding photographer in case the primary camera conks out on you for some reason or another. If you think this is expensive, then you are absolutely right. It really is.

Borrow equipment

Professional wedding photography equipment is extremely expensive and that is why you will need to go through the motions of really preparing enough money for it so that you will be able to pull it off enough for you to become a legitimate wedding photographer in the long run. What you can be rest assured of is that you can still more or less find a solution around this. Talk to any other wedding photographers that you may be friends with and try to see if they have a spare camera that you can use in your wedding photography shoot. You might even be able to borrow the equipment for free if you are really good friends with them. There really is no harm in trying and you will never be able to tell what they can lend you and what they cannot lend you unless you ask. It is the perfect solution for you while you are still trying to pool enough funds in the meantime. Take note of this as much as possible and you will never go wrong.


More than that, there are other options that you can take advantage of so that you will still be able to get your hands on the equipment that you need as a Lancashire wedding photographer while you are covering wedding photography shoots. One thing that you can try out is renting or leasing the equipment that you need. There are a lot of businesses out there that will allow you to do that so try to see if this is something that can ultimately be considered as an option as well. It might work out for you in the end.

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