Basic Lenses To Get As A Wedding Photographer

Telephoto lens

wedding photograhy lensesAs a wedding photographer, a huge part of your tasks in covering a major wedding booking is for you to make sure that you are more or less equipped enough to shoot high quality portrait shots of the bride, the groom, as well as the rest of the entourage at some point or so. One wedding photography accessory that will really be able to help you get things smoothly and easily along is a telephoto lens. This lens has the necessary focal length that will allow you to really be able to focus well on the things and on the people that you are trying to take photos of at the end of the day. This lens is also something that will really get you out of a difficult situation during the wedding ceremony.

There are a lot of churches that are a bit strict or that are a bit conservative when it comes to their approach during the wedding ceremony. There will be instances wherein you will be asked to move away from the couple while they are exchanging their vows. This can prove to be a real problem for you if you don’t have a telephoto lens towed along for good measure because you will need to make sure that you are able to capture close up shots of the couple during the wedding ceremony. A telephoto lens is something that will allow you to take close ups even from a distance. This can work really well for you when you are shooting traditional wedding ceremonies that have strict rules and regulations when it comes to things like these. Like Mallorca wedding photographers, you need to make sure that you are able to easily adjust and adapt to what the situation calls for as a wedding photographer and a telephoto lens can really help equip you to get things into perspective, both literally and figuratively.

Wide angle lens

Another kind of lens that you will need to really make sure that you are able to invest in at some point or so is a wide angle lens. Weddings are usually made up of a lot of people in attendance. As the wedding photographer, it is your duty to make sure that you are able to take decent group photos. If you are only using regular lenses, you might come across some major challenges when it comes to making people fit into the view angle of your camera lens especially when you are dealing with a lot of people. A wide angle lens will allow you to shoot or capture those moments with ease and without too much trouble. Wide angle lenses also work pretty well for architectural structures and other edifice shots that you might want to take. They can also work well for panoramic shots and the like. You will never have to worry about cropping anyone or anything out because you will be able to make them all fit in the photos that you are trying to capture. Being a wedding photographer can be tough but this lens will help makes things a little easier for you.

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