Rewards of an Essex Wedding Photographer

Essex wedding photographer The job of a wedding photographer is big and important. Your clients demand that you give your best on their special day and not miss a single precious moment. They can really be ruthless when it comes to demanding what is their right, but it can be understood considering this is something that will never repeat itself.

Thinking about this fact, you know the job of an Essex wedding photographer can be stressful. A wedding photographer also spends up to a whole day for a wedding and a few hours during the other days for a bridal shower or pre-wedding photoshoots. Not to mention the number of sleepless nights spent to edit the thousands of pictures captured.

You are also responsible to upload the pictures to their online gallery to let them enjoy their pictures as soon as possible. Some clients can’t wait for their pictures and can keep asking for their pictures. You have to make sure to edit a few pictures for teasers to every client right after the wedding to keep them at bay.

Albums that are handcrafted take time to finish. To make sure you get a job done neatly and professionally, you can’t rush them. Four months sound like a rushing time to get over 1,000 pictures edited, arranged on a template, printed and prepared for you.

So, what makes wedding photography still a really great job for these people?

It’s what they love

How many people are willing to pay just to get a job that is also their hobby. It’s hard enough to find what you love to do and it’s even harder to be able to turn it into a job that pays. But that’s what an Essex wedding photographer is doing because photography has to be something you love to do.

Even with talent alone, it won’t be enough – you will sooner or later hit rock bottom if you force yourself in doing what you don’t enjoy. They love taking pictures of beautiful moments, turning those short happy times into eternal memories in the shape of pictures. And they most probably enjoy taking portraits, a huge part of working as a photographer.

They also get to be part of the happy moments of other people and capture beautiful brides. It’s also amazing when you get to see couples smiling and laughing from deep of their heart.

What your pictures will become

Have you ever thought about the wedding pictures that your mother or Nana keeps at home? Those pictures could be decades old and are starting to lose their colors, but they are so precious. Your parents would probably tell you funny stories from the wedding or how different customs were back in those days.

The same will happen to the pictures that a wedding photographer take for their clients. As an Essex wedding photographer, Justin Bailey Photography takes the best moments of the day, make his clients cry in happiness with them and move on. He will probably upload one or two of the best of that day with their clients’ consent.

Decades later, his clients will still have those pictures while doing the same thing their parents used to do.

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What To Always Do When Planning A Wedding

Always feed your vendors.

Essex wedding photographerYour wedding vendors need to be in the best shape possible during the day of the wedding and not feeding them and allowing them to starve will actually work against you and against everything else that you are trying to come up with for the wedding so far. Feeding your vendors doesn’t have to cost you as much as feeding the rest of your guests for the wedding at the end of the day. You can talk to your caterers for the wedding reception about the possibility of opting for a special meal plan. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as the main wedding venue but it should give your wedding vendors such as your Essex wedding photographer and other people that you have on staff a hearty meal to sustain them for the amount of work that they will be doing during the entire wedding day celebration. People who are hungry could get cranky and not end up focusing as much as you would like them to when it all comes down to it so make sure that you get something done about this so far in order for things to work out better for you in the long run.

Always get the documents taken care of.

Getting married without getting all of the legal permits and licences and the rest of the other document required could put all of your efforts to waste. You need to have someone pay attention to this if you don’t have enough time to get this done yourself. Visit your local courthouse so that you will be able to find a checklist of all of the things that need to get done and of all of the items that need to be accomplished when it all comes down to it. Do this in advance so that you will be able to get this well out of the way before the rest of the other stuff that you need to do for the wedding day will end up overwhelming you at some point or so. This is just as important as booking that perfect wedding venue or getting a really skilled Essex wedding photographer to shoot your wedding photos for you during the wedding day so make sure that you don’t just brush this off to the side.

Always prep the thank you notes early.

This is something that people who have attended your wedding day will really get to appreciate. Remember the fact that they have sent out gifts, looked for the perfect outfits to wear, and basically took time out of their day to be there for you and for your partner during the wedding day. Don’t just go ahead and brush this off to the side or give them the impression that you aren’t grateful to them by sending in the thank you notes late. Write them up or get them printed out in advance and delegate it to someone you trust. Waiting until you get back from the honeymoon will be a little late. Send your planners and your Essex wedding photographer some thank you notes as well to thank them for all of their efforts.

Always do away with the small talk.

This can reel you in and take up more time than planned. You need to go around and greet and thank everyone who will be there during the wedding day and your time will be limited, so to speak.

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Wedding Photography: The Advantages Of Using A Beach

There are many places where you can have your wedding photography.

wedding photographer essexBeautiful spots that make the best backgrounds may just be next to your house. All you need is a keen eye to look for them. Of the many breath-taking spots perfect for a wedding photography is the beach. If you haven’t planned for the location of your wedding photography, we suggest that you check out the couple of beaches near you. Ask any wedding photographer Essex and they will tell you a beach is a great place to do a photo shoot. In fact, a lot of wedding photo albums usually include a shot of the couple frolicking around the beach. It is cute, romantic, and makes a great cover photo. Here are some reasons why you need to do a wedding photography by the beach.

First up, a beach has the best sunsets and sunrise for your photos.

Sunsets or sunrises are to die for when it comes to wedding photography. They just make the perfect, dramatic backdrop for your wedding pictures. Photographers love playing around with these sceneries because of the versatile characteristics. No matter what type of atmosphere you want, be it romantic or carefree, a sunset will deliver amazing wedding photos without a fail. Add in the fact the calm waves make as the perfect reflectors for your photos. Your wedding photographer Essex won’t need to bring heavy lighting equipment. The golden rays of the sun will serve as the best natural light source. Without a doubt a beach sunset photo of you and your partner kissing will make a great centrepiece for your wedding photo albums.

Second, a beach allows a variety of shots to be taken.

There is no limit to the possibilities you can do on a beach. You and your partner can sit by the shore and share kiss or you can have one where you and your partner are playing by the water. It is not secret; the beach is a very romantic place. If you want to up the romance, you can have your wedding photography at night by adding a bonfire or candles around the shore line while you and your partner a lock in an intimate embrace. There are a lot of natural props lying around the beach. You can always use them for your wedding photography. Ask your wedding photographer Essex about it. He surely has ideas how to combine your poses with the beach’s scenery to get terrific wedding photography.

Lastly, a beach is an easy location to do a shoot.

There are beaches everywhere. No matter what, you can always find a suitable beach for you to have your wedding photography. It needn’t be a beach in the middle of the pacific. Any beach will do. After all, getting great wedding photos isn’t in the quality of the beach, it is in the wedding photographer Essex’s skill. If you got a beach in mind for the shoot, shooting would be fairly easy. As long as you have the view of the ocean at the back, you are good to go for you wedding photography.

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