5 Baby Photography Ideas Parents Will Love to Try!

baby photographyIf you are a parent and you are planning for a baby photography session, we have ideas that you certainly want to try. These are ideas that come from different professional baby photographers, so you can either find the photographer or maybe suggest it to your photographer. It’s also possible to use your own props to be used for the photography session.

1. Birthday Bash

This is probably the most popular choice to make because who wants to miss their first birthday? This baby photography session is going to be a fun one because it cannot be done without a birthday cake involved. And it has only one purpose: to be bashed. Well, we want parents to not expect their babies to react in a certain way towards the cake.

It’s more important to get the baby used to the strange location and photographer. That way, the baby will express himself more freely and less shy. The birthday bash session is also sometimes accompanied by a bathing session after bashing the cake and getting creams all over themselves!

2. Grown-up pictures

Some photographers plan sessions that are spread out without a year or more. A lot of parents love to take this package because it lets them see how their little one grows big from crawling, sitting to finally standing and walking on their own. But not every photographer is willing to do this as only some professionals do.

3. Grown-up babies

What about imagining what your little one will become when he’s older? It’s time to get the baby a doctor’s suit or astronaut’s suit. We are pretty sure a lot of professionals such as Julia and Mia provide baby photography themes like this. It’s something that never gets old and parents will always love to see their little one in something a little different.

4.  Lifestyle

This is a more relaxed way to take not just your baby’s, but family pictures together. You will also get to use your own residence as the background, something that makes the baby pictures look more special. To do this, you will need to allow the photographer to come and scout your house to know which room to use. It’s a style that a lot of photographers do.

You can have your own props included here or even ask for the photographer to not use any props. Depending on the photographer’s style, some use a lot while others stick to being natural with what is available on the spot.

5.  Formal session

A formal session is one where the baby is posed to have pictures taken, much like how you’d imagine it to be. Usually, you decide the baby’s clothing and you have to go to the studio to have the pictures taken. Your photographer will prepare the prop and set and all you need to do is come dressed.

For all these sessions, the photographers will take a couple of pictures from the baby photography session and let you choose the best ones to keep. We are pretty sure that you will find some that you’d love to try for your baby!

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4 Baby Poses You Should Try!

baby photographyAre you planning for a baby photography session? That’s great news! We’re happy for you and hope that you have a great session. Now, we have some tips on baby poses for you. These are some of the most popular ones and we know you’ll fall in love with them. Make sure to request your baby photographer of these ideas!

You might think of the various ideas that you had found on Pinterest. Some of them look amazing that you can’t wait to see if your photographer can help you with it. But one thing we need to warn you is that not all of them can be done by your photographer. Some require high technical skills while some might have been edited heavily. It’s best to ask if your photographer is confident about doing it.

1. Daydreaming

The first cute pose if to place your baby in a daydreaming position. For newborn babies, the photographer will place them on their stomach, lift the head and prop the hand as if it’s holding up the head. Depending on age, newborns should have their head held up by an adult which will be edited later. Older babies may be able to do this without help, but it’s certainly challenging to tell them to stay!

2. Baby in a cup/basket

We like to emphasize how small the baby is by placing them inside a container of the sort. For example, a big cup that fits in a baby! We just can’t even begin to tell you how lovely it is and cat lovers might have a problem trying to choose between a cat or a baby in a cup!

Make sure that the photographer has a suitable prop to do this. Ensure the container to be clean before proceeding or wrap the baby in a blanket before putting him in to avoid bruises or injuries!

3. My grown-up baby

You can check out some pictures of baby photography by www.juliaandmia.com. The pictures can be found under newborn or little people section in the gallery tab. Fine art is a rather visually enticing style, so the photographer likes to dress the baby up! But don’t worry, they don’t look tacky and make the babies look like wannabe adults!

You can buy the outfits yourself! Of course, the photographer can also provide them, but we do suggest that your baby wears his own clothes.

4. Baby on a moon

This is another cute pose that we love to see. The baby is placed in a hanging moon with blanket draping over it. The great thing about this pose is that you can use it for wallpaper, print it in big size and it will still look so good for baby’s room or living room decoration.

Ask the photographer is he or she had worked with similar props before in baby photography. You also want to ensure the safety measures when doing this and let it take as little time as possible with your baby hanging on there. Another way to do it would be to edit the whole picture that was taken while it’s on the ground to look like it’s hanging.

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Baby Photography: Parents’ Guide

baby photographyWhat happens in a baby photography and what do parents need to prepare?

Well, before anything, we’d like to tell you that there are basically two kinds of baby photography, so what to expect and to do will depend.

2 Types

Lifestyle photography is a more relaxed approach in taking baby pictures. That is why lifestyle is usually done at home, a place that everyone is comfortable with. It results in pictures that are more natural and taken at places that you are familiar with.

Typically, you’d love to do it lifestyle if you want it to look more natural and if the house is a place that you will be staying in for a really long time.

Formal photography is done with the set, props and poses set by the photographer. All you need to do is come with your baby. However, if there is a special request that you have, you can always tell your photographer about it. You should also remember that in a photography session, you don’t have to do much; just sit back, relax and enjoy the session.

What is similar

Whichever the session is, there will always be the part where parents are invited to take pictures together with the baby for the newborn baby session. If it’s an older baby and you’ve chosen a theme, sometimes you won’t be invited to take pictures together.

Another thing that is always similar is that there will never be a case where babies react exactly the same. Some might be surprised, happy or shocked, but you are always told to be open-minded about it and not hope that your baby will always be happy at the sight of a cake or surprised at the sight of something scary.

You can look at some examples of baby photography by www.juliaandmia.com.

What to prepare

For newborn babies, you need to bring a lot of baby needs and your own needs. Because this session is usually done right after you give birth and you are probably still very tired. For your baby, bring an extra blanket to the studio for a formal session. For lifestyle, just feel like you are at home because you are.

Wear something that you will not look too dazzling in. Just something you feel comfortable for the newborn baby session. Remember that the point of this is not to make you look good, but to take a good family picture with your baby. Plain colors are the best to emphasize the plainness and innocence of the baby.

As for older babies, you can wear something a little more vibrant in color for a happier tone. The baby’s outfit is up to you! It usually depends on the theme of your photography session or up to what the parents like.

In baby photography, parents should always remember to not let their eyes off the baby. Even if you must, always have an adult observe for the time being. A grave mistake is done when you look down on what a couple of seconds can do to your baby.

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Great Newborn Photography Props

Why use props

newborn photographyNewborn photography props are considered as must-haves that you need to include or incorporate into your newborn photo shoot all of the time. This will not be easy to pull off initially especially if you are a novice when it comes to things like these but there will always be basics that you will be able to more or less easily depend on as you go along. It’s not that hard to figure out and you will always be able to work things out in all of the best ways for as long as you keep your mind to it. Props are not difficult to pull off at all. for as long as you get to make sure that it is safe for your baby and for as long as it is something that doesn’t really cost too much money on the side, then it should pretty much be good to go. You don’t have to go overboard with things. At the end of the day, the main focus of the shoot should be the newborn baby. Try to keep that in check and in mind all the time especially if you are a first time parent and you haven’t really done anything like this in the past.


You can buy them in bulk and from virtually any department store or home store out there. They are the most convenient and practical props that you will ever get your hands on. These newborn photography props are things that you will still be able to go ahead and use long after the rest of the shoot is over and done with. You will be able to use this every single day which means that the money that you end up spending on something like this will not end up as wasted money when it all comes down to it. Go for plain colored blankets as much as possible. Prints or anything that has patterns can turn out to be a little too busy at times and this can make the photos come out looking a bit distracting. Remember, your main focal point has always been and should always be the baby. The most basic blanket for you to go for is something that is black and stretchy. It doesn’t stain easily and you can use it as either a mat on the floor or a backdrop from behind.

Faux furs

These are stuff that you can buy by the yard either by retail or in bulk. The textures are something that can somewhat be considered as rich and expensive looking but they are actually anything but expensive. The thing that makes these faux furs so great and interesting to check out is that they are soft to the touch. This is a plus point for as far as newborn photography props are concerned because of the fact that they will not end up chafing the baby’s sensitive skin. Stock up on various kinds of faux furs because you can really play around with the concept for as long as you are willing enough to explore them.

Planning for your newborn’s first photo shoot? This professional baby photographer is worth looking at.

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Learning About Baby Photography Buckinghamshire

Be prepared at all times

baby photography buckinghamshireAlways be prepared, both physically and mentally, for spillages whenever you are at a baby photography Buckinghamshire shoot. Although babies in general are cute and they look adorable most of the time, they actually come with so much hard work in the background. This is the kind of hard work that you would not have been familiar with if you have never had any experience whatsoever when it comes to being a parent. However, if you would like to be a successful baby photographer and if you would like to get your brand out there and established as an expert to look up to in baby photography Buckinghamshire, then you need to really get in there and you need to make sure that you are ready for all of the hard work that you need to do up ahead. Even if you don’t really have the experience to back you up, for as long as you do all of the right research for it, you should be able to pull off the baby photography Buckinghamshire shoot like a pro.

Consider the current disposition of the baby in the baby photography Buckinghamshire shoot.

Try to work with it as much as possible. The mood if the baby photography Buckinghamshire shoot that you are trying to organize is pretty much dependent on the overall mood of the baby. This is the main reason why baby photography Buckinghamshire comes with such a price premium when it all comes down to it. The baby should always be in a good mood. The parents need to ensure that on their end, they get to contribute what they need to contribute before you get to that moment wherein you are already about to shoot pictures of the baby. The baby needs to have a good night’s rest. He needs to be full enough not to be cranky about it but not overly full to the point wherein he will end up spewing barf all throughout the baby photography Buckinghamshire shoot. If you can help it, try to see if you can play some music in the background. Some soothing baby music will always help out a lot in setting the mood just right.

Continuous shooting mode will save your life when you are at a baby photography Buckinghamshire shoot.

It will be extremely hard for you to capture all of the perfect moments at all of the perfect times. It would be next to impossible to anticipate everything as you go along and this is something that you need to prep yourself for when it all comes down to it. Continuous shooting mode will allow you to capture photos in bursts and capture even the in-between shots, ensuring that you don’t skip a bit and that you don’t let any moments fall anywhere in between the cracks.

Natural light should be preferred as much as possible and for as long as it is something available.

Babies have a natural aversion for harsh lighting. It can startle them or irritate them. Natural light will turn out to be your best friend in baby photography Buckinghamshire.

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