Rewards of an Essex Wedding Photographer

Essex wedding photographer The job of a wedding photographer is big and important. Your clients demand that you give your best on their special day and not miss a single precious moment. They can really be ruthless when it comes to demanding what is their right, but it can be understood considering this is something that will never repeat itself.

Thinking about this fact, you know the job of an Essex wedding photographer can be stressful. A wedding photographer also spends up to a whole day for a wedding and a few hours during the other days for a bridal shower or pre-wedding photoshoots. Not to mention the number of sleepless nights spent to edit the thousands of pictures captured.

You are also responsible to upload the pictures to their online gallery to let them enjoy their pictures as soon as possible. Some clients can’t wait for their pictures and can keep asking for their pictures. You have to make sure to edit a few pictures for teasers to every client right after the wedding to keep them at bay.

Albums that are handcrafted take time to finish. To make sure you get a job done neatly and professionally, you can’t rush them. Four months sound like a rushing time to get over 1,000 pictures edited, arranged on a template, printed and prepared for you.

So, what makes wedding photography still a really great job for these people?

It’s what they love

How many people are willing to pay just to get a job that is also their hobby. It’s hard enough to find what you love to do and it’s even harder to be able to turn it into a job that pays. But that’s what an Essex wedding photographer is doing because photography has to be something you love to do.

Even with talent alone, it won’t be enough – you will sooner or later hit rock bottom if you force yourself in doing what you don’t enjoy. They love taking pictures of beautiful moments, turning those short happy times into eternal memories in the shape of pictures. And they most probably enjoy taking portraits, a huge part of working as a photographer.

They also get to be part of the happy moments of other people and capture beautiful brides. It’s also amazing when you get to see couples smiling and laughing from deep of their heart.

What your pictures will become

Have you ever thought about the wedding pictures that your mother or Nana keeps at home? Those pictures could be decades old and are starting to lose their colors, but they are so precious. Your parents would probably tell you funny stories from the wedding or how different customs were back in those days.

The same will happen to the pictures that a wedding photographer take for their clients. As an Essex wedding photographer, Justin Bailey Photography takes the best moments of the day, make his clients cry in happiness with them and move on. He will probably upload one or two of the best of that day with their clients’ consent.

Decades later, his clients will still have those pictures while doing the same thing their parents used to do.

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