Ideas to Spice Up Your Natural Wedding Photography Shoot

natural wedding photographyWedding shoots are steeped in a long tradition of compositions and poses. For natural wedding photography, however, boundaries can and should be pushed. Creativity can come into the fray, and exploration can be boundless.

There are many ways to play around with composition and light in order to make a shoot truly stand out. Here are a few ways in which you can spice up your natural wedding photography shoot:

Have fun:

This might go without saying, but aim to entertain. A wedding day can be hugely stressful and chaotic, so allow your session to become an outlet. Come up with some fun activities for the couple to engage in and follow what happens through the lens. Have them jump in tandem, play a game, swing on a swing set, tell jokes. Take advantage of your surroundings and the props you have at your disposal to create the catalyst for the scene, and then go with the flow. This has the double advantage of creating a unique photography shoot and making the couple loosen up and relax. Laughter is great to photograph, especially when it comes to natural weddings, and the chemistry between the couple will be tangible.


You can plan ahead by scouting the location before the event. You can then arrange the shoot around the location and the activities that can be done there. Take advantage of what is there in terms of angles and composition, and make note of any interesting features in the location. If indoors, see what you can use creatively in the architecture. If outdoors, get inspired by the flora and fauna. Pay attention to any element that stands out, and use it on the day. Lead the couple on a guided session full of fun on the day, and see how they react to and interact with their surroundings. Make use of negative space and capture wide angles to take full advantage of the flavour that the location can add to your natural wedding photography.

Light it up:

As you will well know, capturing light is one of the most important aspects of photography. In natural wedding photography, you can play with it more than you would in more traditional styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment with light leaks and lens flares to add something special to your photos. You can take advantage of how the light interacts with the couple. Have them stand against the sun and capture the shadows. Let the light filter through their tangled hands or around them when they kiss. Natural light can set a beautiful tone to the photographs, and within this style of photography shoots you can allow the possibility of light to transfigure the session however it wishes. This will introduce a stunning haze to the photographs, and it will imbue them with a great deal of natural magic.

There are many ways in which to make your natural wedding photography stand out to its full extent. Allow creativity to win over tradition. To fulfil that aesthetic, go to

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