Every York Wedding Photographer Should Send Terms and Conditions to Their Client

York wedding photographerIt’s not a question, it’s not a suggestion – this is the manner of a professional York wedding photographer. There have been too many photographers who don’t think their clients read them and, therefore, do not see the benefits of sending them. However, later in the future, you might run into one who finds your weakness and makes use of that fact.

Intellectual property protection

The TOS to the hundreds of pictures who worked on with blood and sweat have to be clearly articulated. This is to protect the usage of these picture to only within what has been promised and allowed in the contract. Your clients must know where is the boundary before they excitingly post their wedding pictures.

It’s also best to include the details of the terms and conditions and then articulate them in a simple to understand the way in the email if you feel like it. This may prompt them to actually read the whole content of the email and not come with the ‘I didn’t know that rule exists’ excuse. You can also educate them on how they can purchase the rights if they really want to be able to use their own pictures freely.


Several clients look confident during the day they come and book you for your photography. But as time goes by and after you sent them your invoice, it took them another month to reply to it. As a result, your schedule is now a mess because you thought they have canceled your services and you decided to take in another job.

A York wedding photographer shouldn’t just send an invoice without a time limit to pay for. Or at least, if that’s the case, you may want to charge your client for their overdue and to do this legally, you have to state the regulations under the TOS.

Time limitation

Some people think that they own their photographer for the day, giving them the rights where to go or what pictures to take. Some photographers offer to work for unlimited hours during the wedding day with a fixed starting time. Others offer 4-hour, 8-hour or 12-hour service for the day.

It’s very important that your clients know how much time is left out of your service. It’s very possible that the party might last much longer than they expected and they really want you to stay. The T&C must include details of how much they will have to add to the bills for the extra hours they ask.

Time strain is one of the most common issues wedding photographers and their clients meet. It’s very important that your clients know what is not within their rights.

Dispute resolution

Different photographers have different methods to solve their photography issues. Wedding photography disputes are quite large because they involve thousands of dollars and days of work on those pictures. The photographers are exhausted and your clients are probably mentally exhausted as well.

As a professional York wedding photographer, JoanneB Photography makes sure to send her terms and conditions to her clients. By doing this preventive step, a photographer avoids future disputes and can quickly solve them if they happen.

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