5 Baby Photography Ideas Parents Will Love to Try!

baby photographyIf you are a parent and you are planning for a baby photography session, we have ideas that you certainly want to try. These are ideas that come from different professional baby photographers, so you can either find the photographer or maybe suggest it to your photographer. It’s also possible to use your own props to be used for the photography session.

1. Birthday Bash

This is probably the most popular choice to make because who wants to miss their first birthday? This baby photography session is going to be a fun one because it cannot be done without a birthday cake involved. And it has only one purpose: to be bashed. Well, we want parents to not expect their babies to react in a certain way towards the cake.

It’s more important to get the baby used to the strange location and photographer. That way, the baby will express himself more freely and less shy. The birthday bash session is also sometimes accompanied by a bathing session after bashing the cake and getting creams all over themselves!

2. Grown-up pictures

Some photographers plan sessions that are spread out without a year or more. A lot of parents love to take this package because it lets them see how their little one grows big from crawling, sitting to finally standing and walking on their own. But not every photographer is willing to do this as only some professionals do.

3. Grown-up babies

What about imagining what your little one will become when he’s older? It’s time to get the baby a doctor’s suit or astronaut’s suit. We are pretty sure a lot of professionals such as Julia and Mia provide baby photography themes like this. It’s something that never gets old and parents will always love to see their little one in something a little different.

4.  Lifestyle

This is a more relaxed way to take not just your baby’s, but family pictures together. You will also get to use your own residence as the background, something that makes the baby pictures look more special. To do this, you will need to allow the photographer to come and scout your house to know which room to use. It’s a style that a lot of photographers do.

You can have your own props included here or even ask for the photographer to not use any props. Depending on the photographer’s style, some use a lot while others stick to being natural with what is available on the spot.

5.  Formal session

A formal session is one where the baby is posed to have pictures taken, much like how you’d imagine it to be. Usually, you decide the baby’s clothing and you have to go to the studio to have the pictures taken. Your photographer will prepare the prop and set and all you need to do is come dressed.

For all these sessions, the photographers will take a couple of pictures from the baby photography session and let you choose the best ones to keep. We are pretty sure that you will find some that you’d love to try for your baby!

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